TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program), is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaches. During the months of June and July gymnasts age 7-10 are evaluated on physical abilities at the state or regional level. These dates are set by your State TOP manager in conjunction with the National TOP Manager.

From there, athletes are invited to participate in the National TOP test that is conducted in the month of October where they will be evaluated on the same physical abilities tests along with some basic gymnastics skills. Athletes are then invited to participate in the National TOP Training camp which takes place in December of each year.

What are the benefits of TOPS?

The Talent Opportunity Program seeks to identify talented children who may or may not already be in the current competitive system and to offer them opportunities to develop into an elite or interna- tional level athlete.
ATHLETES benefit by seeing clearly how their physical abilities and skills compare to other athletes of the same age from across the United States.

The athletes get access to some of the leading authorities in gymnastics via the regional and national clinics. The athlete’s problem areas are identified and noted for more in- depth analysis and remediation. The athletes
begin a tracking that will allow them to see how they have progressed from year to year.

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