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Youth Cheer – 1 (Ages 6-8) ( $95 per month)

This 55-minute class is for girls interested in learning basic cheerleading. After stretching and warming up for 15-minutes, students are taught beginning cheerleading positions and jumps, in addition to basic tumbling skills including rolls, cartwheels, and round-offs. Trampoline training is included during each class period.

Cheer / Tumble Beginner – 2 (Ages 8+) ( $95 per month)

This 55-minute class is for girls who have little or no cheerleading and tumbling experience. After warming-up for 15 minutes, students will be taught basic cheer jumps, cheerleading positions, and motion techniques. In addition, students will focus on learning basic tumbling skills including rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, front-handsprings, and back-handsprings, on the floor and the trampoline.

Cheer / Tumble Advanced – 3 (Ages 8+) ( $95 per month)

This hour long class is the next step for girls, ages 8 and up, who have tumbling and cheerleading experience. Students signing up for this class must be able to do a standing back handspring on the floor by themselves. After a 15 minute warm-up, students will work on standing back tucks, round off back handsprings, and back handspring series for at least 30 minutes, using the trampoline as well as the tumble track. Some class time will be spent learning advanced jumps and motion technique.

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